• Tractor-pulled compost turner
  • Velocity 1 k/h
  • Amount of mix 2000 m3/h
  • Connectivity Connect to tractor
  • Source power PTO
  • Machine Mechanisms Hydraulic
  • Mixing dimension 3m length - 2m height
  • Machine's dimension 6.2 * 5 * 2.2 (m)
  • Transform Can be folded

Tractor-pulled compost turner

Compost turner, manufactured by Golmehr Sana't ValiAsr co.

This device is responsible for turning the heaped composts and re-heaping them. It advances at a speed of 1 k/h and mixes 2000 m3/h. In addition to compost, this machine has the ability to mix all kinds of fertilizers and soil.