Golmehr Sana't ValiAsr Company

A decade of activity in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial and agricultural machinery

Completed Projects
+ Years

With the design and manufacture of more than a hundred devices

This group has started its activity since the beginning of 2005 in the field of designing and producing new agricultural and industrial machines. With high technical knowledge and innovation of new products, we have succeeded in producing more than 100 models of machines in the agriculture and industry sector, which the main goal of the company is to raise the level of productivity in various fields and the progress of our dear country, Iran in the field of agriculture and industry as well as customer orientation is based on providing and manufacturing high-quality devices in the international standard category, so far more than 1000 colleagues (customers) have started their profitable activities with our industrial group and are active now. It should be noted that in the past three years, in addition to the domestic market, and according to the development policies of the company, we have started our activities on foreign markets. We have exported our machines to eight countries to export our knowledge-based activity to the world.

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Company's Members

Mojtaba Golmehr


Ayoub Golmehr

Production Manager

Hossein Zaman

Sale Expert

Moslem Golmehr

Financial Department

Meysam Golmehr

Hydraulic Expert