• Specifications of 30 kg Corn Silage Packaging Machine (model: SVA-1)
  • Type of Packaging Silage with Vacuum
  • Approximate dimensions of the package 60 * 40 * 20 cm
  • Approximate weight of the package 30 kg
  • Nylon type 3 Layers, 100 Microns, 2 Colors, 127 cm width
  • Machine Mechanisms Hydraulics, Pneumatice, Mechanics and Electronics
  • Package tonnage (per hour) Almost 4.2 tons
  • Electricity required 3 Phases
  • Average amount of electricity consumption 15 Kw Equivalent to 30 A
  • Space required for machine 1100 * 400 * 550 cm (L * W * H)
  • Total weight for machine Almost 4200 kg

Vertical Corn Silage Packaging Machine (SVA-1)

The vertical corn silage packaging machine is manufactured by Golmehr Sana't ValiAsr company. This machine is the first fodder packaging machine in Iran that is produced by this company. It has been updated over several years based on the reviews of this machine compared to similar foreign models, is the highest quality.

Among the materials that can be packed with this machine, we can mention corn silage, sugar beet fodder, sugar beet pulp, sugarcane bagasse, filter cake, sugarcane chopper, general waste of agricultural products and similar materials.