• Specifications of Carrot Harvesting Machine (VA9610 model)
  • Connectivity Connect to tractor
  • Force Required 110 hp
  • PTO 50 hp
  • Machine Mechanisms Hydraulics, Electronics and Mechanics
  • Harvesting line 2 rows at the same time
  • Harvesting extend (per day) 2 hectares
  • ِDimension of machine 2750*2250*6000 cm
  • Total weight of machine 2 T

Specifications of Carrot Harvesting Machine (VA9610 model)

Golmehr Sana't ValiAsr Co. , the first manufacturer of Automatic Carrot Harvesting Machine in Iran. The process of research, design and manufacturing of the prototype of this device lasted for 2 years and after numerous modifications during 2 years, this device was put into operation in 2014.

The machine is a pull-back tractor. It supplies its power from the tractor's PTO. The allowed speed for moving this machine in agricultural land is 20 km/h. It has a 200-liter hydraulic oil source, 5 gearboxes and 6 hydraulic motors. Also, a radiator and fan are installed on it to cool the hydraulic oil, two hydraulic jacks, two carrot transfer strips, two harvesting heads, a guiding arm, and two pairs of foleys and 4 cutting blade belts. It should be noted that all the above parts need care and maintenance, which we will discuss briefly.

The required power of the tractor should be about 110 hp and its PTO power should be about 50 hp. In the front part of the machine, there is a scraper that adjusts the machine with a hydraulic jack. Two harvesting heads are placed on it to harvest two rows of carrots, which can be adjusted by a person according to the distance between the two rows and the type of carrot cultivation. Also, there are two soil splitters around these heads, which prepare the soil for harvesting and separating carrots.There are two belts and a number of foleys on the harvesting head, where the carrot leaves are placed between these belts and the cutting blades are directed to the cutters.