From harvesting to packaging carrot

Golmehr Sana’t ValiAsr Company, the first producer of two-row carrot harvesting machine in Iran, is ready to perform the operations of harvesting to packaging carrot.

From harvesting to packaging carrot

Manufacture of the first two-row carrot harvesting machine in Iran & compatible with all farms and crops.

This machine is traction and requires a tractor with a minimum power of 110 horsepower and is able to harvest 2.5 to 3.5 hectares (depending on the type of cultivation, length of land, type of soil, etc.) per day. The harvested carrots can be placed in a bag or loaded in bulk in a truck or trailer. Then transferred to wash. This harvesting method (harvesting with a carrot harvester) is much more economical than the traditional way, both in terms of withdrawal costs and time.

With an experienced staff, this company has also entered the field of designing and manufacturing modern carrot washing and sorting machines, and with God’s help, it has shown off its ability in this field as well, and has designed, produced and launched a complete hydraulic washing and sorting line.

After harvesting, either in bags or in bulk, the harvested product is transferred to the workshop, and in the first stage, it is transferred to the rotating tank and then to the machine. After that, the device is installed and then transferred to the sorting department. The sorting is adjustable and sets the desired size and packs the carrots in desired locations.

From harvesting to packaging carrot

The size and shape of the carrots placed in the carrot packaging is one of the important factors for export, which can attract customers and customers’ opinions by sorting carrots, sizing and making the carrots in one package the same both visually and in terms of quality. to attract.

We are proud to serve the industry and agriculture sector, and quality is the first word. All washing and sorting machines are produced in different capacities and sizes according to your order.

(From harvesting to packaging carrot)

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