Corn silage and its value

Corn silage and its value) based on a type of division and on the origin of feed, silage can be placed in the group of fodder materials. Controlled fermentation of moisture-rich materials such as corn fodder, alfalfa, barley, sorghum and clover leads to the production and processing of silage. It [...]

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بسته بندی ذرت علوفه ای ۳۰ کیلویی

Corn Silage Packaging Machine

Considering the problems of storing corn silage in traditional silos and the benefits of using packaged silage and the effect of this important food item in increasing production, we draw your attention to the following points. Using the new method in forage corn ensiling will result in higher silage durability, [...]

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Growing maize for silage

The starch, energy and intake characteristics of maize silage, together with its high dry matter yield potential, make it a good feed for beef cattle and sheep. Wherever it is grown, maize requires attention to detail, from ground preparation right through to ensiling. A good seedbed and careful sowing will...

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